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Unfortunately, you found this page because you are trying to figure out the fastest, cheapest, lowest-stress way to get someone out of the Richardson ‘City Jail’ in Richardson, Texas. Click HERE to go to our main page for simple, complete, and easily understandable instructions to get someone out of jail immediately, or simply call THE LAW OFFICE OF JAMES L. ROGERS JR. at (972) 921-8972 and start the process. We are available 24/7 for Richardson Jail Release Writ Bonds.

The Richardson jail stays busy. We get a lot of good people out of the Richardson Jail for DWI, Possession of Marijuana, theft (shoplifting), DWLI (driving while license invalid or suspended), and assault.

For Richardson Jail information (website, phone, address) click HERE.

Either you have done your own research to find out about Attorney Writ Bonds, or someone at the Richardson Jail suggested you look up a Criminal Defense Attorney who can write a Writ Bond. Usually someone at the Richardson Jail will let you know about Writ Bonds because the Richardson Jail wants arrested persons released as soon as possible to keep the jail from overcrowding.

If the arrested person is not released from the Richardson Jail with a Writ Bond, the Richardson Jail will eventually transfer the Defendant to the Collin County Jail (unless the charge is out of Dallas County), but by the time the book-in process is complete at the Collin County Jail, the Defendant will more than likely miss the judge and a bond will not be set until the next day and maybe even longer. If this happens, it will be at least another day and night spent in the Collin County Jail. Nobody wants to be in jail, and nobody wants to stay in jail longer than he has to stay.

An Attorney Writ Bond is the fastest, most effective way to secure a defendant’s release before a bond is set by a Collin County judge. A traditional bail-bondsman cannot help you unless a judge has set the bond. An Attorney can force the jail to release an individual by writing and delivering a “writ” and a “bond”, or a “writ bond” to the Collin County Jail. The county jail will then authorize the Richardson Jail to release the individual.

If you can get the person out of Richardson Jail with a Writ Bond, then do it. Don’t wait for him to be transferred to the Collin County Jail for a bond to be set by a judge.

If at ALL possible, you NEED to get the person out of the Richardson Jail before he or she is transferred and booked-in to the Collin County Jail. If you have the luxury of choosing between an immediate release from the Richardson Jail, or waiting for a judge to set a bond at the Collin County Jail, then choose the Writ Bond. It’s worth it.

Richardson, like a few other cities, may have defendants who were arrested in either Dallas County or Collin County.  Even if the charge is a Dallas County charge, we can still help with a Dallas County Writ Bond.  The process is a little different on our end, but is still  simple for you.  If the person is not released from the Richardson Jail on a Dallas County charge, then he/she will be transferred to the Lew Sterrett Jail, in Dallas.  Nobody wants this.   Either way, we can help.

Call us if you’d like us to help. We’ll make it fast, easy and affordable, and we won’t stress you out any more than you already are. There are times when we all need someone to hold our hand and guide us through the things we are unfamiliar with. More than likely, you are not familiar with this process….we are. Let us help. You’ll be glad you did.


Getting your loved one out of jail is probably the most pressing issue on your mind right now. However, after your loved one is released, he or she will likely have a lot of questions, and will want to know what to expect and what the next steps are. We can help. Let them know to feel free to call and schedule a time to meet and speak about the case. I’m happy to show them how we can help.

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