We can help you! 24/7 Attorney Writ Bonds. All Collin County Jails – DWI, Possession, DWLI (Invalid License), Theft, Assault, and more.

If you are reading this, then someone close to you has been arrested and is in jail for one of the charges above.  Your friend or loved one is likely in Allen, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, or McKinney, and is waiting for you to figure out what to do.  We know it’s scary.  Let us help. We make it easy.  Very easy.


  1. Call us.  THE LAW OFFICE OF JAMES L. ROGERS JR (972) 921-8972 (24 hour service)
    Call and let us know what happened.  We’ll let you know exactly what to do and what to expect.  We will give you the exact cost, and you can pay with a credit card if you need to.  The cost includes the bond amount, and any necessary legal fees, which are usually pretty minimal.  (The bond is like a security deposit that the county holds to be sure the person shows up to court when he is supposed to.  If he does, then the county will refund the cash bond amount at the end of the case.)
  2. Meet us at the Jail (if you want).
    Usually, we will meet you at either the city jail where the person is being held, or at the Collin County Detention Facility, next to the Sheriff’s Office, behind the Collin County Courthouse.  Meeting us at the jail is really up to you.  If you need to, you can simply pay with a credit card by phone and we will handle the rest.  We will keep you informed via text every step of the way and will let you know approximately when the arrested person will be released and ready to be picked up.
    We don’t waste time.  It usually takes us 30 minutes to an hour to arrive at the jail and deliver the bond.
  3. Done.
    It really is that easy.  If you have called and spoken with someone else before you got to this site, and you feel that the process seems complicated, then someone didn’t explain it very well.

Nobody wants to be in jail any longer than they have to be.  Jail, by design, is usually pretty miserable.  When selecting an Attorney to provide a Writ Bond and secure the release of your loved one, it makes sense to choose an Attorney who can get the job done quickly and effectively without stressing you out even more.

If you’d like us to help, we invite you to call us and get the answers to the questions that you have.   You won’t feel lost, and you won’t be disappointed.

We make it fast, easy, and affordable.  We can help you.


Getting your loved one out of jail is probably the most pressing issue on your mind right now.  However,  after your loved one is released, he or she will likely have a lot of questions, and will want to know what to expect and what the next steps are.   We can help.   Let them know to feel free to call and schedule a time to meet and speak about the case.  I’m happy to show them how we can help.

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